Suprise! Bears bum out Lucas

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Well. Well that didn't go well. I mean, in all the scenarios that played out in my head, three points and a PeeWee level offense never popped up.

But with every rain cloud comes a rainbow. All is not lost this season. There were some positives to take away from the game.

Positive: The defense looked like the best unit in football again. The takeaways weren't there, but Aaron Rodgers seldom gives up the ball. The defense got pressure on Rodgers, shut down the run game, and outside of one throw, shut down the passing game as well. I have supreme confidence in the defense being a top five unit again this year.

Negative: The defense failed to score the two times necessary to win the game. They've been going against this offense all offseason. They must have known it would stink. They knew they needed at least one touchdown and didn't get it. Disappointing.

Positive: Allen Robinson looked completely healthy and dominant again. Two years removed from his ACL injury and he looked like a top 10 wideout again. He will be a force this season and I would expect 8-9 touchdowns minimum.

Negative: Yeah, he was great, but I might be great, too, if my QB only ever looked at me. He stared at him. The whole game. I think he stared at him on the sidelines, too. Just bore a hole right through him. Everybody knew that pass was going there when Amos picked it off. Shoot, if Amos can make a pick on a ball, then it's pretty obvious what is happening.

Positive: David Montgomery looked great in his first NFL game. He was a fluid runner, finding holes and gaining extra yards, and a terrific receiver with his great catch down the seam. The Bears seem to have gotten themselves a good, young, inexpensive running back.

Negative: Six freaking touches? For the best running back on the team? And zero carries for Cohen? Twelve rushes in the entire game? Really?? Nagy's biggest blind spot is when he completely forgets that the quarterback can hand the ball off instead of throw wild, dead ducks down the field. It's happened before and reared its ugly head again on Thursday. It better be fixed on Sunday.

Positive: After Thursday's debacle, I didn't watch a snap of football all weekend (minus the freshmen and JV games I was game manager for). It was great to have a free weekend to watch some Brewer wins and some movies.

Negative: Now I have to make picks based on having seen zero NFL games last week. Well, this should be...bad. I was 9-6 last week...tied with Flick for DFL in his league. So, seems like an appropriate start to the season for me.

Tampa Bay at Carolina: Well, I thought Bruce Arians would make Jameis Winston good. I was wrong. PANTHERS 30, BUCS 20.

San Francisco at Cincinnati: I thought the Bengals would be very bad but stayed close with the Seahawks. I was wrong again. BENGALS 23, 49ERS 17.

Detroit at LA Chargers: I thought the Cardinals would roll over the Lions. Everybody, I know it's shocking, but I was wrong again. However, I was happy to see the Lions snatch a tie from the jaws of victory. CHARGERS 28, LIONS 23.

Minnesota at Green Bay: Packer fans are flying pretty high after their win over Chicago, but I would be pretty nervous about their offense. It put up 10 points and I would say the sole touchdown was a bit fluke-ish. The Vikings can move the ball so we will see the first test of the new Packers D. VIKINGS 23, PACKERS 21.

Indianapolis at Tennessee: I was quick to put down the Browns, which I still feel good about, but I was also not convinced the Titans would be the team to do it. Wrong. Me. Again. However, the Colts looked good out west and will get back on track in Nashville. COLTS 24, TITANS 20.

New England at Miami: They have to play twice this year. Twice. Load up on Patriot fantasy players. This is going to be a slaughter. PATRIOTS 42, DOLPHINS 10.

Buffalo at New York Giants: Does anybody else find it crazy that the city of Buffalo has an NFL franchise? The metro area has a population of 1.13 million people. That's not that many. And it's in Buffalo! That just seems crazy to me. St. Louis, Portland, San Diego, San Antonio, Memphis, Salt Lake City--none of these places have NFL team. But Buffalo does. Fascinating. GIANTS 27, BILLS 21.

Seattle at Pittsburgh: I'm very nervous about picking the Steelers because of the egg they laid on Sunday night, but I have to hope a team can be terrible in week 1 and then recover and be good in week two. I desperately, desperately hope that is true. Please god make it be true. STEELERS 28, SEAHAWKS 27.

Dallas at Washington: Washington is a bad, bad football franchise. Just a terrible one. Whatever the points are, the Cowboys will cover them. COWBOYS 31, WASHINGTON 14.

Arizona at Baltimore: It took a few quarters to get Kyler Murray going, but he put up some numbers in the second half. Not Lamar Jackson numbers, but numbers. Will Jackson have 20 seconds to throw each pass on Sunday against Arizona? Probably not. But expect him to run more and the Ravens to win again. RAVENS 26, CARDINALS 22.

Jacksonville at Houston: Texans by 1,000. Did you guys know Deshaun Watson was in the same draft as Mitch Trubisky? Huh. Who knew. Texans 40, Jaguars 10.

Kansas City at Oakland: I don't believe in the Raiders for a second and certainly not against a real offense (sorry Bronco fans...Flacco ain't it). Also, did you guys know Patrick Mahomes was in the same draft as Mitch Trubisky. Huh. Who knew. CHIEFS 31, RAIDERS 17.

New Orleans at LA Rams: Points, points, and more points. Give me all the points...because the Bears only scored three last week. Three big ones. RAMS 35, SAINTS 32.

Philadelphia at Atlanta: My Falcons are good take was...not my best take. The Eagles had a slow start but realized their practice squad could beat Washington. Won't be pretty here, either. EAGLES 29, FALCONS 19.

Cleveland at New York Jets: Adam Gase keeps getting NFL jobs. All because he made Jay Cutler look good for a season. It's incredible. BROWNS 24, JETS 17.

Chicago at Denver: The Bears are in my backyard...and no, I won't be going. My wife is 3 weeks from her due date but if I went to Denver and watched the Bears put up another three spot, I'd put myself in labor. However, I think they are better. The offense will click a bit and the Broncos will be lucky to get past midfield (unless Mitch starts them there). Bears will be 1-1...and I'll take one step away from the ledge. By the way, did you guys know Mitch Trubisky was in the same draft as Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes? Crazy. BEARS 20, BRONCOS 6.

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