Lucas offers sound advice to Packers

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Well, last week sucked. For a few reasons.

First, the Bears played terribly. Then the Bears played well and tied the game. Then the Bears played terribly again. And I was sad.

What made it worse (or maybe better) was my mother-in-law had a party I was helping with and she had meatballs. So I ate my feelings in meatballs.

But that game is over. We are onto the Rams. Trubs will be back. Victory awaits.

The real news this week, though, is the Packers firing of Mike McCarthy. Count me as one surprised they did it midseason. I knew they'd can him, but to do it this quickly was a bit of a shock for me. The question is who the Packers will get for their coach because it's a decision that could impact the franchise not just for the next five years but many years after.

Make the right choice and the rest of Aaron Rodgers' career will be maximized. Make the wrong choice and perhaps the end of his career is wasted and then a new coach would be brought in and the franchise is what the Bears were--a mess.

There are plenty of great candidates out there, though none as great as Matt Nagy, which is a real shame the Packers will never get the best coach in the NFL. Real shame.

Josh McDaniels: The Patriots offensive coordinator seems like an easy choice. He has worked with a legendary quarterback and knows how to deal with egos. However, he bombed in Denver and flaked out on the Colts. He clearly can run a great offense, but can he run a great team? I'd assume any new coach would need to keep Mike Pettine in place, but I'm not sure McDaniels can co-exist in a place outside of New England. And he may just be waiting for Belichick to retire.

John DeFilippo: The Vikings offensive coordinator and former Eagles QB coach was a hot candidate last year. I think the bloom is a little off the rose this year after the Vikings, who signed Kirk Cousins to $84 million guaranteed, have taken a slight step back this year offensively. He's very young and you wonder how a young QB works with a sure-fire Hall of Fame QB. I don't think the Packers go this route, but I hope they do to see it all blow up in their face.

Urban Meyer: This would only happen if the Packers backed up the Brinks truck and also needed to high some allegations of abuse amongst other coaches. Let's hope Urban Meyer stays away from coaching. Yuck.

Lincoln Riley: Same problem with DeFilippo since Riley and Rodgers are the same age. If I'm the Packers, I don't think this is the route I go, but he is intriguing and would bring an incredibly high powered offense to Titletown. I'd be fascinated to see this dynamic work, but I'm not sure the Packers can afford to take this type of risk with Rodgers having 3-4 more prime years remaining.

Matt Lafleur: He's the 39-year old offensive coordinator with the Titans. Tennessee lacks talent on offense and their stats are nothing special, but he is well-respected in NFL circles and seems to be one of the hot up-and-coming offensive minds.

Vic Fangio: I saw this rumor somewhere, but I don't see the Packers going the defensive route. They might as well just hire Pettine then. This would obviously hurt the Bears by taking away their defensive coordinator, but you don't hire a head coach just to hurt another team.

Brett Favre: Pleaseeeee.

I don't know where the Packers will go, but Green Bay hasn't had this much offseason drama in over a decade. Maybe they will find a coach half as good as Matt Nagy. Maybe.

• Jacksonville at Tennessee: The Jaguars once again becoming the Jaguars makes the NFL feel like home again. TITANS 24, JAGUARS 20.

• NY Jets at Buffalo: The Jets and Bills are also both bad again. It's hard to pick between two bad teams, so I'll take the Bills because they are home. I guess.

Carolina at Cleveland: I keep thinking the Panthers will snap out of it, but they haven't done it yet. The young Browns are starting to hit a wall, so maybe it happens this week for Carolina? Maybe? PANTHERS 27, BROWNS 24.

• Atlanta at Green Bay: The Packers should be in full tank mode now. However, sometimes a fired head coach can galvanize a team, which could be bad for their draft prospects. I do think the Falcons come in and win, but not because they are good but because the Packers are very bad. FALCONS 28, PACKERS 27.

• Baltimore at Kansas City: The Lamar Jackson era has started like gangbusters for the Ravens, but I don't think they can keep up with the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Kansas City needs to figure out how to win without Kareem Hunt, so they won't slow down at all either. CHIEFS 31, RAVENS 20.

• New England at Miami: The Patriots love the AFC East. Just love it. I wonder how much of a factor the crappiness of their division has played into their dominance for the past 15 years. It continues Sunday. PATRIOTS 30, DOLPHINS 20.

• New Orleans at Tampa Bay: I'm still shocked the Saints lost, but I'm equally shocked the Bears lost and blew a chance at potentially getting a first round bye. Idiots. Anyway, the Saints get back on track this week. SAINTS 34, BUCS 17.

• NY Giants at Washington: The Giants are a real juggernaut guys. I saw it last week. Washington just signed Josh Johnson, recent draftee of the San Diego Fleet, to try to play QB in the NFL. I think the Giants keep winning and thus making it harder and harder to draft Eli's heir apparent. GIANTS 27, WASHINGTON 20.

• Indianapolis at Houston: The Texans are rolling and I would not want to play them in the playoffs this year. They could topple a higher seed with ease and make a run at the Super Bowl, especially with the Chiefs' recent issues. TEXANS 27, COLTS 20.

• Cincinnati at LA Chargers: I knew I should have picked the Chargers last week! I knew it!! I'm taking half credit for that win. I am. No, you can't stop it. CHARGERS 30, BENGALS 14.

• Denver at San Fransisco: The 49ers should continue losing, get the top pick, and then get a king's ransom for the best QB in the draft. Winning here does them no good. BRONCOS 24, 49ERS 14.

• Philadelphia at Dallas: The Cowboys win here and the NFC East is theirs for the taking. A loss and the Eagles have a very real shot of being a terrible playoff team that gets rolled by a wild card opponent. COWBOYS 24, EAGLES 21.

• Pittsburgh at Oakland: I don't see the Steelers losing two in a row, especially to the Raiders (because they stink). Pittsburgh should pull itself off the canvas and get back to winning ways because the Raiders can't garner a pass rush. Wonder why. STEELERS 28, RAIDERS 13.

• Detroit at Arizona: The Cardinals won't knock off two NFC North opponents two weeks in a row, but I'd love it. I desperately want the Lions on HBO's Hard Knocks next year. Matt Patricia commenting on people's postures each day would be amazing. LIONS 24, CARDINALS 21.

• Minnesota at Seattle: This is a monster game for the wild card race. The Vikings are currently fifth and the Seahawks sixth in the playoff race, but a loss for either could be devastating. The Vikings need this win more, but going on the road will be too much to overcome. SEAHAWKS 24, VIKINGS 23.

• LA Rams at Chicago: If Trubs plays and plays well, the Bears could win this game. However, I don't know if he will play as well as he needs to after two weeks off. As long as it's competitive, I'll be happy. The Bears don't need to win this week, but it sure would help. RAMS 25, BEARS 21.

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