Bears are off, Lucas wants to talk Brew Crew

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The Bears won 48-10. I mean, of course they did. I knew they would. We all knew they would. Mitch threw for six touchdowns. Ho-hum. Big deal. We all expected this. I never lost faith. I never stopped believing. No Josh, those texts you are trying to show people are doctored. I would never say that about my Mitch.

But the Bears don't play this week, so who cares about the NFL. Here are my winners for the week just to get them out of the way: New England, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Green Bay, Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, Carolina, LA Chargers, Philadelphia, Arizona, LA Rams, Houston, New Orleans.

There, boring NFL stuff is over. Let's talk about what matters--the NL Central Champion Milwaukee Brewers! I mean, who saw that coming? Me...that's who. I saw it. I believed. I never lost hope. And I saw almost every game (because I stole my parent's DirecTV log-in and the Internet lets amazing things happen).

However, I had a small problem yesterday. I had to work! Mountain Time is amazing...until there's a baseball game on in the middle of the day. Could be a real day ruiner.

But thanks to Watch ESPN and multiple windows, I was able to watch most of the game. Then, when I should have had the last three innings free during my prep hour, I was called in to sub. Now, I'm a good soldier and did my job...but maybe those theater kids didn't get quite the focus from their sub as they should have.

But I saw it. Saw the last glorious out. I went on Twitter and heard Uecker's cal. The Brewers were NL Central Division Champions.They overcame a five-game deficit in the last month of the season and beat the Cubs, of all teams, to do it. I saw Corey Knebel blow a ninth inning lead against the Cubs early in the season. I was beginning to think the Brewers would never be able to topple the Cubs and their $190 million payroll.

But the Brewers did it. David Stearns is executive of the year. There's no question about it. He made the best trade in team history by acquiring the NL MVP in Christian Yelich for four minor leaguers, . He signed a gold glover in Lorenzo Cain and gave the Brewers the best outfield in the NL.

He signed Jhoulys Chacin to a bargain of a contract and made trades and waiver claims to bolster the starting lineup and the bench. I would be hard pressed to find a deeper roster than Milwaukee's right now. On any given night, they have Travis Shaw, Jonathan Schoop, Domingo Santana, Eric Thames, and/or Curtis Granderson coming off the bench. That's impressive depth that not many teams can match that.

But above all that, this team is so fun to watch. As a Bear fan, I often don't have much hope for the teams I cheer for (though Khalil Mack has helped with that). This team is different though. I was welcoming a Cubs/Brewers series. I knew Milwaukee would win that series. Shoot, I thought they'd sweep it. And I still think they win it, though I won't brag to my principal about it...he's a Rockies fan and sort of, you know, in charge of my job.

Counsell said he is going with a bullpen game on Thursdayand I think we will see his true genius at work. The offense will knock Antonio Senzatela around and the rout will be on early.

And no, I'm not jinxing this team. They are unjinxable. Will they win the World Series? I don't know, but man, they good enough to do it.

Well, since you did ask, though, let's find out if the Brewers will win the World Series.

National League: The Brewers are going to win the division series. Mark that down. The Rockies are good and hit well, but their two best pitchers had to throw in the tiebreaker game and the Wild Card game. Their bullpen is good, but not as good as Milwaukee's. I have full faith the Brewers win that series in four games.

On the other side, the Braves and Dodgers are an interesting matchup. The Dodgers have the names and the dollars, but the Braves have Ronald Acuna. Based on talent, the Dodgers should win this series. I think some of Atlanta's arms are young and struggled down the stretch. The Braves will be very good for quite a while, but the Dodgers will take this series in four.

The Brewers, with their home field advantage, will take care of Atlanta. That's right...I just picked the Brewers to go to the World Series and they will only need five games. There will be a lot of Miller Lite flowing in Milwaukee after this one.

American League: So, to be fair, my knowledge of American League baseball is pretty limited. Does Frank Thomas still play? A-Rod? No? Hmmm...guess I need to catch up.

Anyway, the Red Sox are going to sweep. I said sweep. They are really, really good.

The Indians and Astros, though, will be a tough series and go five games. Houston will win, but it will come at a cost of using more arms than the Red Sox and being at a disadvantage going in the championship series.

Boston will set up the ultimate big money versus small money series when it wins the series in six games.

World Series: I would love the Brewers to win, but Boston is the better team. Wait a second, has that ever stopped me from making the right decision? The Milwaukee Brewers are going to ride their momentum to a World Series win in seven games. I feel really, really good about this. And the best part? I live 1,000 miles away so if they lose in three games to the Rockies, I don't have to see any of you and hear your sassy comments.

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