Bears fan still feels the pain from Lambeau

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Well, that one hurt guys. I don't really know what else to say. Once the Packers scored 10 points, I knew it would happen. Every Bear fan knew it would happen. But it happened. And it still hurt.

In fact, it still hurts right now. If the game had been back and forth and the Bears lost on a final kick or something like that I wouldn't have felt nearly as bad. But they didn't lose like that. They lost after a 20-0 lead. TWENTY TO ZERO!

Clearly there were some second half issues. Akiem Hicks had to have hurt his already slightly injured knee because he was unblockable in the first half but a ghost in the second half. The defense made no adjustments to an immobile quarterback and kept playing 15 yards off the receivers. The offense ran some very peculiar plays, including one that involved a pass to Dion Sims. That pass goes to a healthy Adam Shaheen...but the Bears don't have a healthy Adam Shaheen. They have a Dion Sims and he ran it for minus 1 yards on 3rd and 1.

Taylor Gabriel caught one pass for 31 yards. He finished with 5 catches for 25 yards. Jordan Howard averaged 5.5 yards a carry...and only had 15 carries. Trubisky didn't throw a pick, but he also looked incredibly gunshy in the second half.

Are there positives? Sure. Khalil Mack is worth every penny and every draft pick. Allen Robinson flashed. Roquan Smith should start on Monday against Seattle. My wife let me order pizza.

But it still just really, really, really sucked. It's one game and the Bears have four very winnable games ahead before facing New England, but this was a game they should have won. Hopefully the players use it as motivation to get better rather than be shell-shocked for the remainder of the season.

I was 8-7 this week. I got the Lions game wrong Lions. That makes me feel a little bit better. Not much...but a little better. I'll try to be better this week. But probably not.

• Baltimore at Cincinnati: The Ravens crushed the Bills in week one...not that that means anything. The Bengals are still starting Andy Dalton, righ? So that's also bad for Cincy. RAVENS 23, BENGALS 20.

• Carolina at Atlanta: The Falcons offense looked fairly inept against the Eagles. Granted, it was the first game of the year, but concerns about their offensive coordinator were there last year as well. The Panthers stoned Dallas, so expect another tough offensive day for the Dirty Birds. PANTHERS 20, FALCONS 14.

• Buffalo at Los Angeles Chargers: The Bills are very bad at football. Very, very bad. Josh Allen is wondering if he can Khalil Mack it and force a trade out of there. Yucky. CHARGERS 30, BILLS 13.

• Minnesota at Green Bay: The Vikings, for my money, are still the best team in the NFC North. And with a hobbled Rodgers (and a week to prepare for it), the Vikings will jump his short throws and make him hold the ball, thus giving their defensive line more time to get pressure. I think the Vikings steal one in Green Bay and knock the Packers down a peg. VIKINGS 30, PACKERS I hate Aaron Rodgers.

• Houston at Tennessee: If Deshaun Watson can't play any better than that, then the Texans are in for a long year. Conversely, if Marcus Mariota is still hurt and Blaine Gabbert, who isn't capable of playing better than below average, is starting, it's going to be a long season for the Titans. I'll go Houston here, but don't feel good about either one. TEXANS 27, TITANS 20.

• Cleveland at New Orleans: I believe the 0-0-1 start for the Browns is their best start since 2004. Not. Kidding. SAINTS 38, BROWNS 14.

• Miami at New York Jets: So apparently Sam Darnold is pretty good. Wonder how much Giants fans may regret not taking him if he turns out to be the next Joe Namath. Then again, the Giants still have Eli. No need for a QB there. JETS 21, DOLPHINS 18.

• Kansas City at Pittsburgh: Big Ben's 18 interceptions against the Browns raise some alarms. Some of those picks were just rotten, too. Not even close. Heading to Pitt will be a struggle for Mahomes, who is essentially still a rookie, but I have some faith in him and the Chiefs' big play ability. CHIEFS 28, STEELERS 20.

• Philadelphia at Tampa Bay: How much Fitzmagic is still in there? Honestly, it can't be much. The Eagles are still the better team and had a few more days to recover and plan. EAGLES 28, BUCS 21.

Indianapolis at Washington: Andrew Luck, after a year off due to a shoulder injury, threw 53 passes last week. That's not overly sustainable. And the Colts aren't very good. WASHINGTON 30, COLTS 20.

• Arizona at LA Rams: Aaron Donald Smash. RAMS 27, CARDINALS 10.

• Detroit at San Francisco: How much is Matt Stafford getting paid? And for how long? That is...scary. He threw four picks and they lose the Jets! Yikes! 49ERS 28, LIONS 20.

• Oakland at Denver: Come on, you wouldn't think I'd pick against my hometown team, right? Also, I loved reading Jon Gruden say the Raiders lacked a pass rush last week. Hmmm...where could they have gotten a pass rush from? BRONCOS 23, RAIDERS 14.

• New England at Jacksonville: My surprise pick of the week! I think the Jaguars have the defensive prowess to keep the Patriots at bay and find a way to score just enough points to win. JAGUARS 20, PATS 17.

• New York Giants at Dallas: Both these teams are bad, but I like watching Saquon Barkley do fancy things, so I'll pick the Giants. GIANTS 24, COWBOYS 23.

• Seattle at Chicago: Oh.oh you're still reading this? Why? Why can't you just let me make my pick in peace? Fine...I'm picking the Bears. I think Seattle has a lot of problems, especially on the offensive line. The Bears should be able to run the ball (Broncos had 147 yards last week) and the Seahawks are fairly one dimensional. I feel pretty confident. But I felt pretty confident after a half last week and we all know how that turned out. BEARS 28, SEAHAWKS 20.

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