Wisconsin abortion rate lower than most

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BELOIT - The Wisconsin rate of abortion is about half the national average and much lower than Illinois, and the state rate is continuing to decline.

The typical abortion in Wisconsin is to an unmarried mother age 20-24, while the corresponding number in Rock County is to a woman age 25-34. Fifty-four percent of reported abortions in Wisconsin in 2017 were obtained within the first eight weeks of gestation, and only 1 percent of abortions in Wisconsin were beyond 20 weeks.

In 2017, 5,818 women had abortions in Wisconsin, compared to 39,329 in Illinois. Of Illinois' abortions, 5,528 were performed on out-of-state women and 969 to women with no known location.

The estimated Wisconsin resident induced abortion ratio is the number of reported induced abortions per 100 live births. This ratio was 9.4 per 100 live births in Wisconsin in 2017, compared to 9.1 in 2016. The most recent national ratio was 18.6 per 100 live births in 2014, the most recent data available.

However, since 1977 the ratio of abortions in Wisconsin - abortions per 100 live births - has declined. It was 24 in 1977 and 9 in 2017.

Eighty percent of reported induced abortions in Wisconsin were for women who had never been married.

Fifty three percent of induced abortions in Wisconsin were obtained by white women, 29 percent by black women and 10 percent by Hispanic women.

In Rock County in 2017, there were 156 abortions. That included 14 abortions to women under age 20; 53 to women age 20-24; 67 to women age 25-34; 22 to women over age 35.

In Illinois in 2017, 39,329 women had abortions. The most common age for women to have abortion in Illinois was 20-24.

In Winnebago County in 2017, 350 women had abortions.

The Northern Illinois Women's Center, which had been providing abortion services in Rockford for nearly 40 years, closed permanently in 2012. There are abortion providers in Chicago, Wood Dale, Downer's Grove and Glen Ellyn, Illinois, according to Illinois Abortion Surgical and Medical Centers at https://illinoisabortion.com/

The closest option for abortion to Rock County women would be providers in Madison or Milwaukee.

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