'Ideological vote to kill expansion'

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Headline in BDN: "Legislators kill state Medicaid expansion

I would expand this to say:

• Republican legislators kill a fiscally sound, common sense proposal other states have done to capture new federal dollars. This would save taxpayers 350 million dollars and help lower our health insurance premiums by 7-11%;

• Republican legislators kill an opportunity for over 82,000 Wisconsinites to obtain affordable comprehensive health care insurance;

• Republican legislators kill a chance to decrease health care cost for us;

• Republican legislators kill 64 million dollars for new health care investments for Rock County, such as expanding mental health programs, dental services, new mother coverage, preventing or helping fix childhood lead poisoning. Rock County has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the state.

The irony is this: legislators receive taxpayer-paid Cadillac health insurance, When legislators face a fiscally sensible option to extend health insurance benefits to others they balk and just talk. "Do as I say not as I do. Medicaid insurance expansion is not good for you. however I still deserve my taxpayer-paid health insurance."

When folks do not have health insurance they often neglect preventative health care and often wait until a small illness or problem balloons into complicated conditions more expensive to treat. The uninsured and underinsured struggle to pay their expensive hospital and clinic bills and face bankruptcy. This ideological vote by our Beloit Republican representative makes no sense and is negligent to the people they were elected to serve.

Judy Robson


(Retired state senator)


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