'China tariffs will work out'

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Let's see how long or short of time the big retailers will instantly start to raise their prices on some of their products from China imports.

But this probably is not right or legal, because the big retailers already have warehouses stacked with products already bought at the 10% tariff. Just check their inventory records.

Also, right after the 25% tariff was issued, the news on TV showed huge container ships docked in San Francisco loaded with the containers from China. It was stated these products were of the 10% tariff to be unloaded, not the 25% the president issued.

See if you're a wise shopper and know the prices on certain items. If you note a much higher price don't shop there are complain to the manager and tell them what you know.

We all know big retailers will instantly pass the price increase to the consumers. It won't hurt them like the small business owners.

China has robbed the USA for years with the unfair trade deal. Previous administrations knew this but did nothing.

Now our president sees what's been going on with the unfair trade practices with China all these years.

A meeting with the Chinese officials couldn't be reached. They went back home status quo. So it appears like a trade war.

The China economy at present isn't good. Let's see how long it takes them to realize they need us and come to the table with sincere answers.

They have robbed our country of billions of dollars for too long.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. And our president is doing this.

Hold on to your pursestrings and be patient because eventually this will be worked out to satisfy us and China. I thank the Beloit Daily News for letting me state my opinions again.

Marie Wolownik


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