'Don't want to live with casino'

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Finally the time has come! Since 1987 Beloit has spent its political energy to have a dog track and after that door closed all the city's energy and resources were spent on a casino for Beloit. While improvements were made they were measured on how it will enhance Beloit's chances to get a casino!

Beloit's: "The Tale of Two Cities."

1) One has the backing of the newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce, Visit Beloit and the municipal government of Beloit. All these groups benefit with a casino from advertising, additional members to their organizations, and an increase in tax revenue.

2) The other part of this city is made up of citizens that from the beginning of these projects have been marginalized and made to believe: " You just don't see the bigger picture"; "We will prove you wrong"; "Beloiters are so shallow minded"; and on and on.

But regardless of all the pros and cons the last bit of truth will remain for all to ask ourselves: Do you want to live in Beloit with a casino?

Many cities in the state of Wisconsin have faced at times the same problems as Beloit. Loss of companies that were the pillars of their community, schools that when problems occurred had to put systems in place to curb its demise, low property values, crime, and neighborhood deterioration from

vacant homes, drugs and very low quality of property.

Other communities resolved these problems by encouraging: Building Community, Organizing: "Asset based neighborhoods" and neighborhoods are asked "How do they see their neighborhood and what do they want?"

After 30 years of the city's quest to get a casino the question remains, "Does my family want to live in a community that has a casino?"

For my family the answer is a resounding NO!

Bill and Debra Dorr


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