'Short memories on lame ducks'

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How quickly they forget, or choose not to remember. Liberals and their allies in the national media have very short memories when it comes to lame duck sessions.

Using terms "never done before, historic, far reaching, un-American, unconstitutional and undemocratic" are self-serving and simply not true.

If they take their blinders off and review recent history they will find their words and protests ring hollow. But, rather by repeating them often enough, they hope to convince the electorate otherwise.

In 2010 outgoing Governor Doyle and his Democrat-controlled legislature did the same thing they are now accusing Republicans of doing. Democratic intent was to stonewall the fiscal restraints Governor elect Walker promised to enact. The only difference was Walker wanted to save the state money, Doyle to spend money.

Democrats went so far as to provide Representative Jeff Wood a free get out of jail pass to come to Madison to thwart the incoming governor.

Current Democratic lawmakers Barca, Miller, Shilling, Hintz and Erpenbach all were in office then. They had no outrage. Now that the table is turned they have suddenly found religion.

President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress did the same thing after Republicans swept national elections in 2010.

Both parties have used the law to their advantage, but Democrats cry foul when their own tactics are used against them.

Perhaps the solution is to prohibit extraordinary sessions on both the state and federal level with exceptions of war, national, and state emergencies.

John Lader


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