Let's look out for each other

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Remember the people who kept working during the arctic spell.

HOW COLD WAS IT? Well, let's just say it was cold enough most sane people stayed indoors, if they had a choice.

Some folks, however, do not have a choice.

So let's say thanks. Show a little appreciation for the brave and hardy men and women who kept watch over the rest of us during the recent brutal temperatures in the Stateline Area.

EVEN WHEN NEARLY ALL government offices were closed, first responders were on duty as always. Police officers and firefighter-paramedics were still just a frantic phone call away when people desperately needed help.

We reported those responders rushing to fire calls and more in the brutally cold air. Their heroism cannot be quantified by the numbers on a paycheck. Clearly, they do what they do - risking life and limb - because of a deeper commitment.

Some businesses closed, but lots of others remained open to provide for the needs of area residents. Those businesses and their loyal workforces deserve praise as well.

And please allow us a thank you to our own committed associates. When it's tough out there people want to know what's going on and what their options may be in case of need. Journalists do not stay home - reporting on both print and digital platforms - and neither do others who support news organizations, including the delivery folks who brave the elements with the printed product.

WE'RE SURE THERE are others - utility workers, furnace repair people - who put in above-and-beyond efforts to get residents through the life-threatening cold. And we reported on good people, like those at the Salvation Army, who worked to provide services to vulnerable individuals through the cold.

To all, we say thanks.

We hope our readers do the same. Now that winter has eased up some, greet an officer or firefighter or delivery person with a handshake and "thanks."

Let's look out for each other, like good neighbors should.

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