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When we hear the term Human Trafficking it brings to mind young girls being pulled off the street, put into a van and shipped to foreign countries.

Recent news releases are changing that image for all of us and social media scares have sent many teenagers into a panic concerning their safety. The human trafficking problem is real and it is in our communities, on our streets and in our schools.

Human trafficking degrades our society and derails the lives of young people who can become trapped in a life not of their own choosing, thereby denying society of all the potential that a young person has to contribute to the world in a positive, productive way. It harms youth, their families, their ability to form healthy relationships and families of their own, all of which harms society.

What can you do to make a difference? Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Wisconsin has developed a mentoring program to walk alongside the youth who have been impacted by human trafficking or who are vulnerable to being drawn into human trafficking. The E3 program is designed to Encourage, Empower and Energize young people who are struggling to free themselves from the impact of this act or who are trying to find the strength and support to resist attempts to draw them into the world of human trafficking.

It is the goal of BBBS to accomplish this by creating meaningful one on one mentoring relationships in which a youth is matched with a volunteer who is committed to supporting and encouraging the youth to develop strong problem solving skills, make good choices and to set and pursue positive goals in their own lives. BBBS is looking for adult volunteers who are dedicated to giving of their time to meet on a weekly basis with a youth in the E3

program to give that young person the extra support and encouragement they need to change the course of their lives.

Make a difference, help defend the potential of our youth, become a mentor with BBBS for our E3 or one of our other youth mentoring programs. Please call our office at 262-728-8865, email Pam at pcarper@bbbs4kids.org, Karen at kmedema@bbbs4kids.org or Annagrette at aoberholtzer@bbbs4kids.org to learn more about how you can be a mentor and join in the fight against human trafficking.

Pam Carper

Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters

of South Central Wisconsin

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