Featured letter NAACP: Beloit schools' bridge too far

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This community was just subject to an act of deceit and injustice that rivals anything I have seen. In a vote of 6-1 the (School District of Beloit) Board of Education demoted and demeaned the service of a man who has devoted the past few years of his life improving things in Beloit.

New interim Superintendent Tony Bosco presents a recommendation that Dr. Williams become co-principal at Fruzen intermediate school. Nora Gard makes the motion and it passes. We are supposed to feel good about this travesty because the board originally proposed that Williams be assistant principal. Bosco does not save the day. He is so complicit in this that he has a hard time even looking at the room full of black citizens who attended the meeting that night. He does not get a pass on this one. He just got his position on Tuesday and on Wednesday prior to the finality of the contract of the last interim superintendent, he recommends "a transfer" for the person who by policy should be in that position.

Based on what? Based on the fact Dr. Williams supported him in 2018 when a past indiscretion came before the board that challenged his promotion. So Bosco is tapped to fill the vacancy and becomes the architect of doom. The policy wonk that this paper endorsed now uses a new interpretation to say that the word "vacancy" that appears in the policy does not refer to an open position. Dr. Childs' last day is April 12 and Dr. Munro assumes his duties on July 1. Does not this create a vacancy of about 100 days? In the past, under this same language Dr. Williams became interim superintendent, not once but twice, due to delineation outlined in this policy. Dr. Williams as assistant superintendent of administration was number one in the line of succession. In the five positions listed not one of them is director of bilingual education.

This board skips over both minority assistant superintendents (Williams and Anthony Bonds) and three others to place Bosco in this position and he did not disappoint.

We hear from the board President that Fruzen could not go long without an assistant principal. She fails to mention that a young minority female interviewed and was selected for that position from which she was dismissed on April 10. Although this person had been teaching in the district and held administrative credentials she must leave Fruzen to return to her elementary position. Does anyone remember when a second grade teacher was tapped for an assistant position and her credentials were also questioned and Pam Charles said it should not occur because it would be too disruptive for the students. Yet today, April 15, 2019, a caucasian female is placed at Fruzen as assistant principal but the posting for the vacancy is not sent until almost noon. There is a pattern emerging here as it relates to the promotion of black females.

Let us not forget when a current coordinator was recommended for director, the board agreed to the promotion and then rescinded it at the following meeting saying they had not all been able to read their emails. I have also been told that at least three black female administrators have been summoned to attend meetings with the interim superintendent that could result in discipline. Three days on the job and Bosco is really prepared to make all these decisions? I don't think so.

Please understand that Nora Gard, Kyle Larsen, Jeff Klett, John Wong and Wendy Sanchez were all in support of these decisions. Pam Charles may lead but they are willing followers. The black community is not happy with what is happening. Will we be pacified by the fact that a black man from Texas has been hired? No, not while those who live and work here are mistreated.

Do we really know why Dr. Childs chose to leave 3 months early and why the board would be mutually agreeable when they had touted the need to keep Childs here until July 31 to assist in the transition of Dr. Munro? Now the transition requires helping Dr. Childs leave and appointing Bosco. Perhaps we can learn something from an article in this newspaper in which Dr. Childs said "the school board has been micromanaging and over involved in district operations without the requisite expertise."

Just in case you forgot, April 2 was Election Day and Pam Charles as fourth vote-getter only has a one year term so this requires quick action to enact her plans. April 9 Bosco is appointed interim superintendent. April 10 Bosco recommends transfer/demotion for Dr. Williams. Dr. Childs holds the position of interim superintendent until April 12. Does Bosco even have this position prior to that date? Does he have any authority while Dr. Childs is in the position, according to Pam Charles, on the mutually agreed upon exit date of April 12?

The school district and this community cannot long exist continuing to carry out the agenda of one individual and watch a board acquiesce on every decision. We want to see our district thrive, our students succeed and the community come together and move forward stronger. Let us all stay woke and make sure we are tracking what happens and why.

Dorothy J. Harrell

President, NAACP

Beloit branch #3251

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