'Democrats are not pro-life'

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Here are the reasons I am against abortion, without mention of God or religion.

• Human heart begins to beat at 22-23 days after fertilization.

• The unborn baby's brain develops in the first few weeks after conception. Most of the brain appears during first 8 weeks after fertilization.

• The unborn baby's ears begin to grow at 8 weeks and are completely formed by about 24 weeks. The unborn baby can hear Mom's heartbeat or blood through the umbilical cord at around 18 weeks. By about week 25, the unborn baby can be startled by loud noises.

• Fingerprints are formed by the time the unborn child is 6 months old-3 months before birth. The fingerprints are unique to every person so that individual's fingerprints will never exist again.

• Each unborn child has a unique DNA and has his/her own blood supply.

• Each child is different from every other child even with the same Mom and Dad, so every child is a unique human being and deserves to have life once conceived.

• Abortion stops a human heart from beating.

It makes me very sad that there is not currently a candidate from the Democratic Party running for office that has indicated a pro-life position. The Democratic Party opposes any laws that limit abortion or abortion funding and supports the repeal of any laws which prohibits federal funds from being used for abortions.

Patricia Hawthorne


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